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PCFixShop 1 Year Platinum Warranty (For PCFixShop Desktop PC's)

General indications: The following warranty conditions are available for all PCFixShop  Personal Computer PC's:  All Parts 1-year warranty (Plus Manufacturer Extended Warranty on *Core Parts) extension with on-site assistance within 2 working days following the service call. Coverage of the service: Free Help Desk for the entire warranty extension period. Priority repair service. Right to participate in special offers and promotions and upgrades at special price. Repairs at our service Centre will be made within 5 (most within 2) working days from product reception.  Delivery fees are at PCFixShop 's expense and you will be reserved priority within our office as an PCFixShop Warranty customer. All on-site repairs will be made from Monday to Friday, from 9am. to 6pm. Service calls to Call Centre, must be made before 2pm for next day service. Formality of purchase: PCFixShop Warranty is activated  from the PC build/purchase date (or repair date). The purchase/repair date is documented by an invoice/receipt issued by PCFixShop If no invoice date (www.windowsupdate.com)  date is the warranty start date on build/repair invoices. Formality of activation:  Parts covered by the service: PCFixShop Warranty covers all PC part defects that prevent product use for the first twelve months completely*.  Parts covered for years two and three completely are the Monitor, (Note certain monitors have 3 year repair warranty which may start on invoice day 1 and are not repaired by PCFixShop) CPU, Memory Keyboard, Mouse and PC Case (Motherboard and Videocard are normally 24 Months for most PC's but exclude basic range and netbooks/laptops)  Replacement costs of other parts are borne by the customer outside first year (you may even source replacements yourself PCFix will agree suitability and these may incur additional charges) all labour and callout costs are borne by PCFixShop for parts above.  Note: Hard drive replacements will incur a labour charge for the disk restore usually 2 hours (60) - but the part is replaced free during the warranty period. *Parts not covered by the warranty service at all are damages due to negligence or careless use, incorrect maintenance. Repairs/hardware install maintenance by anyone other than PCFixshop personnel may invalidate your warranty, transport in unsuitable packaging, any cause not attributable to manufacturer's defects and small damages such as scratches, scores, etc. derived from routine product use are excluded from service coverage. The warranty does not cover malfunctions due to viruses/spyware or system conflicts due to the installation of drivers or peripherals, over-clocking (including unintentional) (unless you are purchasing a pre-overclocked system from PCFixshop) and other data loss for any reason.  Backup of Data is always the customers responsibility.  In case of breakdown, customers should: Contact the PCFixshop  Call Centre for the necessary controls to determine the nature of the problem and receive pertinent instructions. For repairs at our service Centres: Package the product for collection and return if necessary. Follow the instructions given by the Call Centre operator on shipping/delivery to the nearest pcfixshop repair centre.  For on-site repairs: The Call Centre operator will send out an IT technician within the time period foreseen by the warranty extension normally within 48 hours at a time agreed with the customer.

Warranty on Repaired PC's
repairs on customer PC's are guaranteed for 30 days after our engineer visit or bench fix if the same problem re-occurs it will be fixed FREE at no extra charge to you and the guarantee period will start over again.  Applies solely to the software installed and not covering other customer software installs after repair.
Hardware all part replacements are covered by a (12 Month) one year warranty, cover the new part/s alone, and are subject to the normal PCFix warranty terms above

Note: no extended warranties (beyond 12 Months) on replacement parts except in PCFixShop Desktop PC's.  Any extension beyond 12 months is direct with the manufacturer and is the customers responsibility to fill in the required forms and set up.

No Fix No Fee
repairs  If we diagnose a failed part(s) and the customer decides not to go ahead with the repair, have the replacement part(s) fitted or purchase a replacement PC system from us.  We will charge the customer for one full hour time spent. (normally 40 but may be higher for an out of area or out of hours fix) This is fully refundable if a system or replacement parts are purchased later, within a reasonable time-frame, up-to 12 weeks after the initial consultation. This may incur additional fees if customer sources their own replacement parts and we are asked to fit. No fee will apply if we do not have an appropriate replacement unit available or no replacement parts can be sourced from our suppliers or our engineer deems the customer unit beyond economic repair.


Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

*Core Parts are CPU/Monitor/Case & Memory Applies to PCFixshop Desktop Builds Only (Excludes Netbooks/Laptops/Touch Screen PC's which are covered by Manufacturer Terms)



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