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The End Of Windows Vista - 11th April 2017


With Windows 10 already on the market Microsoft officially stopped providing patches and fixes for Windows Vista on 11th April 2017

Microsoft Windows Vista is officially dead - After ten years of support for Windows Vista Microsoft ended mainstream status of Vista on 11th April 2017.  Upgrade right now or you may lose everthing.  Do not leave it any longer.  Microsoft has already ceased supporting Windows defender and Security essentials.  Security patches, regular updates and bug fixes for Vista ceased on 11th April 2017.  This means your Vista security is seriously compromised right now, even with third party anti virus. You must update or retire your PC from the internet today.

Originally launched in 2007. Vista was never microsofts best Operating System but has put in some stirling service on some PC's for many years and was mostly stable after the Servie Pack 2 Version.

Death of Vista


What Does This Mean for Me?

Windows Vista ended its product support lifecycle after completing ten successful years. In other words, Microsoft are longer be supporting Windows Vista, and all updates for this operating system have been completely stopped. Users of this operating system will are advised to upgrade their software to a more recent version immediately or stop using the system.

Why Upgrade?

The longer you stay with Windows Vista, the higher the chance you have of becoming a victim of cyber-crime. Although Windows Vista came with a significant improvement over XP, as time went by cyber-criminals increasingly targeted out of date operating systems due to their vulnerabilities. Updating your operating system will safeguard you from these external threats and help keep your system more secure with continued Microsoft mainstream support and patches The only way this is now possible is with an upgrade to Windows 10 or a new PC

What’s Next?

To find out more on how to upgrade from Windows Vista or to simply determine whether an upgrade is compatible with your applications contact PCFixShop Today 01204 883136 or 07766461739


Dont Risk losing Everything! Upgrade Today - Book Your PC Ugrade to Windows 10 with PCFixShop


Contact PCFixShop today and get your PC upgraded to Windows 10 - If Your PC is six years old or less Most PC's can be upgraded to Windows 10 with no hardware change.  Some might require a little extra memory or maybe a videocard upgrade for Windows 10 but most can be upgraded to newer Windows relatively cheaply.


Vista Is Dead! - Dont Leave it any Longer - Upgrade Now!


Phone today 01204 883136 for a no obligation quote and take your PC to the next level



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