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PC Fix Shop On-site Computer Repair Services

Services PCFix ShopComputers and the Internet are becoming a dominant part of everyday life at home and in business. in the United Kingdom.  PC ownership has hit 88% in the UK and 94% of all UK teenagers are on social networking sites according to the latest figures from the ONS. There have also been corresponding rises in the numbers of people connected to the internet.
Mobile phones have also increased, hitting 94% of all UK households in 2017 compared to just 20% a decade earlier.
  • In 2017 (88%) in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day, 20 million more than in 2006, when directly comparable records began.

Drilling down into behavioural patterns more men used the web than women with a third of males admitting to watching TV or listening to the radio via the internet.   The next generation also showed signs of embracing technology with 70% of all 8- to 17-year-olds with access to the web having a profile on a social networking site.  Ownership of home computers increased (from 29% to 88%) so has the proportion of households that have an internet connection (from less than 10% to 88%)," stated the ONS report.  Billions of business transactions are conducted by e-mail annually and the amount of information available on the Internet is growing everyday. Internet traffic has been doubling annually since the early 1990's.  Hardware, Software and Internet issues have increasingly become so complex that everyday consumers are unable to tackle, what used to be, a basic computer problem. PC Fix Shop will come to your aid and provide flexible on-site computer support services highly competitive great rates.   PCFix have over thirty years of first hand IT problem solving expertise.  Give our experts a call now.
Hours of Operation

We are available every day of the year. except Christmas Day Boxing Day and New Years Day  Our office hours are from 9 am until 5 pm GMT. We service both in-home and businesses in the following areas  of Northwest England Bury/ Bolton/ Bradshaw/ Breightmet/ Bradshaw/ Harwood/ Greenmount/ Tottington/Affetside/Radcliffe /Haslingden/Rawtenstall/Rossendale and all surrounding areas.

You can reach us any time by
Phone : 01204 883136 Mobile 07766461739
E-mail : steve@pcfixshop.co.uk
Why Choose PCFix

PCFixshop guarantees an onsite repair within 2 hours.  If the repair is a time consuming one, or requires specialist replacement parts (most common parts are carried to mobile jobs), a bench fix will be offered to you at no extra charge.  The computer will then be taken back to PCFixShop one of our head offices where technician will repair the computer.  The computer will then be fully upgraded all security updates from www.windowsupdates.com will be applied plus all the latest driver updates for your motherboard, video-card and other hardware components will be applied.  Common application updates for MS Office, Nero, Adobe etc will also be applied.  The latest anti-virus update tools will be loaded together with the latest anti-spy and firewall solutions - (above extras can amount to over 400MB of updates) The disk will then be cleared of clutter (None of your user data will be lost) and then defragmented for extra performance - This extra service is 100% FREE - Your computer when returned, normally within 24 hours, will be completely up to date and we guarantee will perform noticeably faster than previously - This is a totally unique service offered only by PCFixShop and comes at no extra charge.
Virus Removal and Protection

Is your computer acting peculiar or running extremely slowly?  Have your friends been receiving strange e-mails from you?  If you detect or merely suspect a virus on your computer, please contact us immediately.  Just briefly explain the symptoms your computer is having and we can come and repair it.  PCFixShop are experts at properly removing viruses, patching up the damage and safely protecting your PC files for the future. We can suggest virus scan software and also install it. Make sure you don't take viruses lightly because they can bring your computer activity to a screeching halt.

Spyware, Malware. Popups and SPAM are ongoing problems that every computer user endures and there isn't an end in site. Security is a must these days so don't take it lightly.  We can recommend and install programs that will alleviate the symptoms associated with these sometimes nasty and very annoying problems.  We have packaged a special bundle of software and hardware products to install on your PC that will both remove and dramatically cut down on these attacks. You usually don't know that you have spyware on your PC, but it can be very dangerous to the operation of your computer. This spyware and Malware can loaded in your system through email sources, Internet sources and even, sometimes, innocuous third party software installations. DO NOT take spyware lightly. Call us to make sure your computer is fully protected.
E-mail and Internet Issues

Do you have problems sending and receiving your e-mail or have problems accessing the Internet? This is very frustrating and can be a constant challenge for many computer users.

Let us make your e-mail and Internet programs operate at their maximum capacity so you don't lose any productivity. If you are used to using these tools everyday, it is almost impossible to go without them. Call PC Fix Shop today to repair your e-mail and internet issues quickly.
Wireles AC RouterNetworking/Wireless Broadband Networking

We build broadband networks from the ground up. We even handle all the wiring for you if necessary. In many cases wiring is not the answer and that is why we have seasoned wireless network professionals at PCFixShop.

We know how messy and sloppy exposed network cable is we can make it invisible. Whether you are in a large factory building or a single story home.  We can network your systems so you can share broadband Internet, printers, files, music, photographs and any other media you like.

New PC Set-Up and Old PC Recycling

Computer sales are at an all time high and PC's are being added to homes and businesses everyday. To make it easier on you just call us when you get your machine. We can open the box for you and make sure you have received everything you have ordered. Then we take it out of the box and plug in all of those coloured cables.  PCFix can also build and install you a new computer see New PC Builds below.

We can also do the same with your digital camera, printer, scanner ipod or any other item you have purchased to compliment your new computer. We will make sure it all works before we go so you can go right to work or play.  When finished we can dispose of your boxes and your old unit securely to a computer charity.
Hardware Upgrades and Installs

Is your computer running slowly when you have multiple windows open? Does it run noticeably slower when you try to run certain software applications? Many computers can be upgraded to improve performance as well as functionality. We can add more memory, hard drives and video cards even change the processor and motherboard if required.

We are highly experienced in upgrading PCs and adding peripherals. We can also help you add devices such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, Ipods, Iphones.  Flat-screen monitors and any other item you would like. Just ask us and we will provide you with the technical know-how to make an educated decision.
Data Transfer (Old PC to New PC)

When you get a new PC and you still have your old one with all of your critical data on it, you will need to transfer that data from your old PC to the new one.

We can take care of transferring your data and your application software (provided you have the old back-up drives/disks). We can transfer your files, pictures, music (we are experts on Itunes)  and any of your other critical data. We will perform a successful migration of data for you in a timely manner.
Troubleshooting with PCFixTroubleshooting and Repair

Do you think you are having problems with your PC, but don't have the slightest idea where to start looking?

We have a great team of computer repair technicians to diagnose your PC. PCFix can handle the most critical issues for you and we will take care of your problem to make sure your PC is running at full capacity.

Data Conversion (old media to new)

After years of compiling data onto, now, outdated media, many companies need a place to turn in order to place the old data onto new media. If your company has critical data that you would like to have converted for use on new hardware, just call the PcFix shop.
Website Design
PCFixShop can offer you or your business a bespoke website design that you own for a price that is unbeatable prices for a 12 page website with email and form submission cost 250 the lot.  A fully featured shopping cart system can be developed for only 500.  Many internet design companies offer websites that appear cheaper but it is usually a ploy. They then charge over the odds for Domain Name registration, inflate Monthly hosting costs, charge hourly rates for amending your website and often in the small print you can find that you don't actually own your website - they do.  but look at what we can do.   See some of our websites here - Hallmark Greetings Haslingden  and many more remember that this website is also a PCFixShop design.  You own your own URL the website is yours to keep and manage there are absolutely no hidden charges apart from the initial set up cost, no further fees are paid to PCFixShop.  Training in web design programmes, image manipulation software and more is also included in the price. 
Call 01204 883136 or Mobile 07766461739 or fill in the form for a free callback.
Customised set-ups
Once you've invested in your computer equipment, make sure you get the most out of it.   PCFix will ensure it is set up in the best way for you, and you know exactly how to use it properly.  Get your computer to do what you want, in the most efficient and enjoyable way.  Have your PC work exactly the way you want it to.  We'll make sure it fits seamlessly with your existing set up.  Get all your equipment talking to each other, iPods, digital cameras, internet phones, video cameras and all your other other gadgets.  If you choose, we can connect up your computer to your new Plasma or LCD television.  Be the envy of all your friends and neighbours, PC's are the ultimate media centre! handling all of your TV recordings, DVD playback and recording, Photos, videos and all your music library plus the internet and all  the usual PC activity - conveniently hooked up and supported  - get the extra out of your computer you won't believe why you didn't do it sooner.  Call 01204 883136 or Mobile 07766461739 or fill in the form for a free callback.
Broadband Installations

We have experienced computer engineers to setup your desktop or laptop to access the internet. ADSL and dial-up Modem installation, configuration and connection to the internet via any UK Home service provider. (Virgin, Sky, Vodaphone, Talktalk, Plusnet, Zen, Post Office and BT etc) (or Business Broadband Via the above plus Zen, Demon and Pipex) Broadband can be shared with as many PC's as you like (depending on your router) see networking above call us for a premium speedy service You could be in the internet fast lane today.
Printer SupportPrinter SupportPrinting Support

We provide printing problems resolutions on all makes of printers especially Epson HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, Genicom, GGCTech, Minolta, NEC, Ricoh, Dymo, Kodak, Advent, Oki and Panasonic we can supply media on request and help with diagnosing all poor print quality issues.

New PC Builds

PCFixshop are experts in PC Repairs we are also expert PC Builders having assembled PC's for almost 20 years.  We are an official Microsoft OEM Partner.  All our PC's come with our platinum 12 month warranty.  See some of our latest builds here.  Many small OEM competitor PC builders advertise cheaper computers they are cheaper for a reason.  They use inferior cheaper unbranded, or second hand component parts.  They do not install Operating Systems in the price (This is a very common trick and is the equivalent of selling a new car without a working engine) or they pre-install illegal Operating Systems.  They do not include VAT in the prices they advertise.  They do not include Monitors - Keyboards - Mice - Speakers in the prices they advertise.  The charge huge inflated delivery charge. They use deliberately confusing jargon to appear more competitive.  They may over-clock Processors or Video Cards to appear as faster and therefore more expensive PC's.  Their support warranties are often fake and often these companies simply disappear or stop taking your calls after you report problems.  For a fast ultra-reliable PC with an honest no quibble warranty Put PCFix top of your list when considering replacement or new computers.  Everything you need is included in the price no hidden extras - guaranteed.


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