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22 inch Digital Monitor

PCFixShop 22" inch Widescreen VGA Monitor

22" PCFix LED Black Full HD Monitor 1920x1080 VGA 1000M:1 250cd/ 1ms
The Ideal choice for your Mdia Centre PC
Contains HDMI a Vesa Connector & Integrated Speakers
Increase your productivity with this TVís big screen size. Work on a spreadsheet, browse the Web, and watch a movie on its screen at the same time with room to spare on this Full HD LED Monitor.

 Microsoft rrequres HD Widescreen for Windows 10!


PCFixShop 24" inch Widescreen Digital Monitor (DVI and VGA)

24" Acer Full HD HDMI/VGA/DVI 1920x1080 Full HD LED Monitor
Microsoft rrequres HD Widescreen for Windows 10!

Just look at the picture! Hi Spec - Widescreen with -Ultra slim bezel totally 2019
A 2ms official rating, that is actually closer to a gamers' Delight.  Why risk cheaper un-known brands, you know won't be around to even honour their warranties? PCFixShop offer superior build quality and use.
DVI VGGA & HDMI connectors Plus a Vesa connector for wall/stand or Media PC mount

PCFixshop recommend integrated speakers for use with a Media Centre PC

24 inch digital Monitor




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