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PC Fix can offer you the latest computers in a small form factor case for an extra premium. Same components but smaller.  Remember due to heat dissipation smaller cases require extra fan coolers and specially designed case components to reduce fan cooler noise.  That is why they are often considerably more expensive than their full sized counterparts.

Striking Pentium 4 Quiet Performer
AOpen EZ-915T XC Cube
200 x 190 x 320 mm (WxHxD)
X-Cube Suitable for Pentium 4 Processors
(Excludes Core 2 Duo)
Perfect for  Vista. in the living room
All you need is CPU, Memory and Hard Drive. IDE or SATA


£65 extra on any PC

Aopen Micro uATX Case

Shuttle Micro uATX PC

Fantastic Looking First Time Small Computer
Shuttle XPC G2

200 x 185 x 300 mm (WxHxD)

The XPC SS30G2 is the ideal first time Small Form Factor computer. With support for mainstream components; Intel Celeron D/Pentium 4/Pentium D Processor, 
(Excludes Core 2 Duo) DDR2 memory, Serial ATA RAID storage and value PCI Express x16 cards, the XPC 

The best-value computer for the segment. Including bargain integrated graphics and 5.1 channel audio, and a full back panel of the latest industry standard interfaces (PCI E, USB 2.0, FireWire 400 and Ethernet LAN) it is easy to see why the latest G2 chassis XPC is a next best-seller

£95 extra on any PC

Stylish and and a Superb Performer

Shuttle XPC SS31T
188 x 310 x 310mm (WxHxD)

For businesses looking for a more traditional styled desktop but still want the benefits of a reduced size, the XPC SS31T is the solution. Based on the nanoBTX standard, the XPC SS31T is designed to be a low cost, easy to maintain system ideal for large installations in corporate, educational and similar settings. The XPC SS31T includes onboard audio and graphics, and is ready to accept single and dual core processors.

£95 extra on any PC

Shuttle XPc SS31T

PCFix Ultimate Micro Shuttle XPC SD39P2

Wickedly fast performer, exceptional expansion

325 x 220 x 210 mm (WxHxD)

Understated style, uncompromising power
The new Shuttle XPC SD39P2 introduces quad-core Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processors, and support of 8GB DDR2 memory. It is optimized for future high-memory-demand applications such as 64-bit software, high definition video, games and multithreaded applications. Hardcore gamers will appreciate the gamer-friendly BIOS settings. The P2 chassis design has a smooth and defined style and can carry up to three hard drives  Power computing users, multimedia entertainment enthusiasts and gamers who crave optimum PC performance for audio, video, digital design, and high-end gaming are going to experience performance at a whole new level with this diminutive powerhorse.

£195 extra on any PC

PCFixshop Micro 7 Mini ITX Linux PC's Here  & Windows 7  Here




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