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MS Keyboard Mouse Combi Pack

Microsoft USB Wired Keyboard & Mouse duo

included with all PCFixShop Basic Desktop Full System PC's
20 option on any base only model
(note: not suitable for Media PC's)


Wireless Keyboard & Mouse duo pack - included with all Higher standard range PC's or 10 upgrade option on all Basic or Base only Desktop PC's includes its own USB dongle
(25 option on base only or media PC's


Logitech Wireless Keyboard Mouse 

Logitech Media Keyboard/ Mouse

Keyboard/Mouse/Remote Combi for Media Centre PC
Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard & Touchpad with Mouse L/R Buttons 25 option on Media Centre PC's
All PCFixshop Media PC's include Bluetooth 4

works reliably up to fifteen feet from PC

(note: for any other PCFixshop PC to use this keyboard the PC Must be Bluetooth 2+ enabled and may require seperate USB Bluetooth dongle at extra 10


Upgraded Keyboard/Mouse/Remote Combi for Media Centre PC
Upgraded Keysonic Wireless Keyboard & Touchpad with Mouse L/R Buttons
Option on Base Only or Media Centre PC's - (works up to 10 metres from PC includes its own USB dongle)
 Optimal for use in Digital Living Rooms (Kodi) as well as in training, conference & presentation rooms etc

Keysonic Wireless Keyboard Mouse 




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