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PC Fix Shop RatesPC Fix Shop Small Business Chargeable Rates
PC Fix Shop comes to your business: PC Fix Shop is a mobile on-site computer repair company that are happy to come to your company.

The PC Fix Shop built its business around coming to the on-site business customer. Just call the PC Fix Shop to make an appointment for a computer repair service call second to none and we will be there.
call us now 01204 883136.

Don't unplug your computer
You wouldn’t expect to unplug your refrigerator and cart it to a local repair shop, would you? Why should your computer be any different then? Don’t even hassle unplugging it. The PC Fix Shop will repair your computer where it sits in your business.

Diagnosing your computer problem
When you call, the PC Fix Shop, they will diagnose the problem with your computer and give you our expert opinion on how to repair it. Should you need it then we will schedule a PC Fix Shop technician to call at your business and take care of all your computer repair problems.
make an appointment
Making An Appointment:

Call now 01204 883136
PC Fix Shop will take the information we need to get your issue diagnosed and schedule a computer repair appointment.
Via the web
Our customers can always email the PC Fix Shop at sales@pcfixshop.co.uk with your name, phone number and situation so we can call you to set the computer repair appointment.
or simply text us 07766 461739. and we'll call you back with an appointment immediately.

Mobile support
The PC Fix Shop's mobile technicians on wheels, are available to you.  PC Fix Shop on-site Computer Repair is available in Bolton Bury Rossendale and all the surrounding areas for In-Home or Business Computer Users. More importantly, our on-site mobile computer repair technicians bring their training and skills to you. PC Fix Shop on-site Computer Repair can schedule an appointment immediately or try to help you over the phone. PC Fix Shop on-site Computer Repair travels anywhere in Bolton/Bury/Rossendale and all surrounding areas.
What We Charge
PC Fix Charges are very competitive a local business call-out visit has no callout fee up to one hour rate charge of £50 plus £20 per subsequent hour see table below.  Our technicians are very fast at diagnosing your problems and getting the job done quickly. Virtually all our call outs are completed within two hours.  You will be given the option of having the system fixed on the bench at the shop and delivered back to you. If the repair turns out to be a major or time consuming one and you only pay when the job is completed.  Charges for bench fixes vary but the vast majority are still under £60.  What is even more amazing is our fast turnaround Bench fixes are guaranteed 48 hour turnaround (not Sundays)  most are even quicker (within 24 or even 12 hours) you could have your PC back the next day, and you get this service at no extra charge! Remember we can usually indicate the cost to you by diagnosing your problem over the phone this is a completely free service you only pay your normal local charge for the telephone call, all our work is guaranteed give one of our experts a call today on 01204 883136 or Steve on 07766 461739.

PCFixShop Example Business Charges (All charges fully inclusive no hidden extras)

Broadband or ADSL Internet Setup Onsite* Single Company Router Point
(Customer/ISP supplied equipment)
Computer Hardware Repair/Upgrade Onsite* (1 hour callout - plus parts if necessary)
reduced to £20 if you purchased and are setting up a PCFixShop PC
Secure Wireless Broadband Network Setup Onsite* single Single Company Router Point
(Customer or ISP supplied equipment)
New Business PC Setup and install including printers and Internet/email setup Onsite*
Virus and Spyware Removal Onsite with all anti-virus and anti spyware tools included FREE

Plus Software updates FREE (average 2 hour callout) (No Data lost)

Complete Operating System Restore Onsite* 7/8.1/10 - Plus Upgrade Patches and any other required application software re-installed (No Data lost)£80
Secure Wireless Broadband Network Setup Onsite* 2 - 3  PC's Plus 1 Shared Printer
(Small Business - Customer or ISP supplied equipment)
Windows 10 Pro Business Upgrade Onsite*
(Customer Provided Upgrade Media)
Onsite* Training in Microsoft Operating system or Standard applications (2 hours) call for list
Secure Wireless Broadband Network Setup Onsite* Single Company Router Point
(PCFix supplied - large choice of equipment)
Charges can be reduced if businesses collect/return own PC to PCFixShop Premises for bench repairs

ISP = Internet Service Provider (BT/Zen/Sky/Virgin/Plusnet/TalkTalk/Post Office etc)

*Onsite means in your own home or business


What Others Charge

Always remember cheapest is most definitely not best where computer services are concerned. PCFix constantly sees poorly repaired computers - Virus and Spyware still present, Illegally loaded software and unresolved hardware issues.  Do not waste your money on ANYONE cheaper We have seen an enormous amount of PC Specialist companies advertising mobile fixes for £20 or less they are a con.  You pay the £20 and they then diagnose dozens of problems you don't have, charge inflated prices for parts that do not need replacing, then hike fees for installing software that is free. Often they will perform the easiest fix usually a complete restore of your system (in the process all of your precious data is lost).  The computer is then left stuck back in time, none of the operating system bug fixes released since you purchased your computer, are applied.  No anti-spy/virus tools are installed.  The system once given back, then rapidly becomes compromised with spyware/viruses a second time, and the original PC problems simply re-occur.  Many times I have seen illegal  operating systems restored over perfectly legitimate Windows O/S  installs.  We have also seen computers that have had memory or video cards stolen and replaced with inferior cheaper parts or not replaced at all.  A surprising number of legitimate looking IT companies are amateurs and fly by night cowboys, unfortunately many can only be described as crooks!  For our expert advice contact us now FREE.

Spare Part Discounts available to you
If parts are required  to repair your computer system we source them at wholesale rates and the discount prices we buy at are available directly to you. We only charge a nominal £10 extra per part for fitting and this almost always undercuts the price you could source the spare parts for yourself at places like PC World, Comet, Staples or Currys  check our prices out and see for yourself!  Always remember the cheapest hardware repairs are never the best.  Almost daily we see computers that have been badly repaired by so called technicians from other IT companies, at best they use poor quality components or even second hand parts, at worst they can be downright dangerous.  PCFixShop only use new branded components in all of our replacement hardware repairs.  You wouldn't put second hand Skoda tyres on your BMW, neither do we!



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